Goodbye, My Angels.

After five years of running Trap Heaven and providing the community with both a place to be themselves among those of similar minds and to share in the lovely trap doujin library that we had created it is time to say goodbye.

As you may already be aware I have decided to pass management of the community over to the community itself, close the site I've run and focus on the important things in my life. Such as my rapidly moving career, my beautiful wife and amazing friends (<3 you Lumi).

If you wish to keep in touch with friends made on my version of TH, you'll be happy to know that a community run project launched over at to at least keep the community side going. You can also still catch me and Lumi on the official TH Facebook Page!

I wish every single one of you the best in life, especially the most loyal of members who had been around in the community since the beginning or for most of time we had. Take care of yourselves and remember that you are never alone in the world when it comes to all things to do with traps and trans. Goodbye!

Love, Star-Sama :: Admin

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